Painted finish

Painted finish and Duco finish go hand-in-hand, except that painted finish are less labour intensive. There are quite a variety of paint finishes to choose from when you consider this option. A smooth painted finish can be achieved from spraying the water based paint onto the furniture piece or panel. A hand painted technique can be created from painting the panel with a paint brush, which gives you more of a “rough look” This technique will also ensure that no door or panel will look the same, but have the same formality throughout the room. Lastly, we have the paint technique that is mostly done on hand crafted furniture, the distressed look. This is also done free-handed with a paint brush and cloth to ensure that your new piece of furniture gets an old worn-off look. The distressed look is normally done on a piece of furniture that you would like to create a focal point with or draw attention to.

High Gloss Finish

Labour intensive process where cabinets are sprayed with Duco paint to give your dream kitchen a balance of shine and durability.

Bespoke Units

With mass-produced furniture you are always going to be limited to the sizes, colours and styles available, whereas with bespoke furniture you have to opportunity to decide exactly what colour, shape and size your furniture will be. The end product is that you will own something that no one else has, a completely unique piece made to suit your tastes and needs.

Islands and Bars

We do custom made bars made to each client’s individual needs.

Solid Wood

We use any and all types of solid wood to create bespoke kitchen’s, bars and furniture.

Melamine,Doors and Renders

We have a variety of different Melamine finishes to choose from at the office.
Melamine can be used to create beautiful kitchens, built-in-cupboards, offices and even furniture.
It is ideal for a client with a budget in mind but still wants a dream kitchen etc.

We use the best quality wood to create beautiful doorways into each client’s home.